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Assisting Patients With Dental Anxiety

comfortable in the dentist's chair sedation dentistry conceptA patient’s comfort in the dentist’s chair matters. Unfortunately, those who struggle with anxiety around oral health care can feel significant discomfort even during routine appointments. This can lead to delays in visits and even the postponement of important treatments! Our Avon, OH dentist’s office understands how dental anxiety can impair your relationship to smile care. In addition to making our office a welcoming and friendly space, we do make extra support in the form of safe dental sedation available. Whether you struggle with anxiety around all forms of care or need assistance during a longer or more involved procedure, the right sedative solution can help.

Dental Anxiety Can Make Care More Difficult To Access

If you struggle with anxious feelings around oral health services, you may feel tempted to simply avoid them. Missing out on care is a problem even when you are only planning a routine dental exam. If you let your unease keep you from restorative work that you need to undergo, complications can affect your smile and your general health! Fortunately, dental anxiety is something that can be managed. With the assistance of safe dental sedation, you can remain at ease as you undergo important services.

Understanding The Role That Sedation Can Play In Your Treatment Experience

Both nitrous oxide and oral sedatives are used to help patients remain comfortable and calm during dental appointments. With both, you can remain conscious and responsive while you are treated. Nitrous oxide is continuously administered during an appointment. The gas will help you relax and remain calm as you undergo services, and its effects will dissipate quickly. Because you recover in a short time, you can drive yourself to and from treatment. An oral sedative’s effects last longer, making transportation something you must arrange. Its more potent effect can help patients who have greater feelings of anxiety, as well as those who need to undergo more complex care.

Your Regular Appointments Protect You Against More Serious Oral Health Threats

If you let your anxieties keep you from scheduling regular dental exams, you will effectively raise your risk for more serious oral health threats. The routine dental exams and cleanings that you book protect your smile by offering both timely warnings about problems and the removal of plaque and tartar buildup. Skipping appointments will also raise your risk for letting something like a cavity or gingivitis grow more severe, which can make more advanced services necessary to restore your oral health.

Talk To Your Avon, OH Dentist About Your Struggles With Dental Anxiety

Our practice understands how difficult it can be to arrange oral health care when you suffer dental anxiety. The right support from dental sedation can make a visit less stressful and ensure that you receive the care you require! For more information on how we can help, call our Avon, OH dental office today at 440-937-2273.

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