Root Canal Treatments

A cavity or crack that is too small to see can allow dangerous bacteria to penetrate your tooth and create an infection. If that infection is not treated, it can create discomfort, swelling and problems for your general heath. Eventually, the tooth may require an extraction. If you have developed pain or sensitivity in a tooth, call Avon Dental Care at 440-517-7765. One of our team members can schedule you for a root canal treatment in Avon, Ohio, with our dentists, Dr. Thomas R. Hughes or Dr. Troy Steinhilber.

When the pulp and nerves of a tooth have become severely infected or damaged, root canal treatment is often the recommended method to help preserve the tooth. Without root canal treatment, the tooth will most likely die and need to be extracted. Root canal treatment is a type of endodontic therapy that removes infected, damaged and injured tissues within the tooth. Root canal treatment also involves cleaning the tooth and filling it with a medicated material to renew the health of the tooth. Once the treatment is completed, our dentists will cap the tooth with the appropriate dental restoration, usually a dental crown, to restore its original structure and appearance. A root canal usually can be completed in one or two appointments, so you can get back to a healthy smile quickly!

Many people believe that receiving root canal treatment can be extremely painful or uncomfortable, but that is not the case! Root canal treatment involves very little discomfort due to advancement in sedation and numbing techniques available in dental offices. Our dentists and team will work together with you to help ensure you have a comfortable visit. We are dedicated to you, and we will do whatever we can to restore your good oral health.