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Placing A Crown Preserves Your Tooth

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A dental crown is a restoration that covers the visible portion of your tooth, and can provide restorative treatment with cosmetic results. Our team can use them to restore a tooth to optimal health, function, and beauty. Your Avon, OH, dentist can help treat your smile with a dental crown, often made with lifelike materials like porcelain.

When a Tooth Requires a Crown

When do we prescribe a crown for our patients? We could use them to treat a cracked, chipped, or worn-down tooth. We could employ them to treat tooth decay too advanced for a dental filling, or to complete a root canal for an infected or abscessed tooth, bringing relief. Placement could also address misshapen teeth and help correct overall bite balance and chewing function. We’ve also used them to address missing teeth too, securing a bridge into place or restoring a single tooth dental implant. Each one is custom-made for your smile to ensure optimal results and when possible, a lifelike appearance.

Creating and Placing a Dental Restoration

To begin, our team will numb the tooth receiving a crown and then once you’re comfortable, gently remove structure from it. After we do, we will take detailed images and measurements of the tooth, which we use in a lab setting to design and fabricate the finished product. Often, we use all-porcelain for them, as this is a durable and lifelike material that we can color match to blend with your smile. When the finished product is ready, we will check the fit and make any necessary adjustments. We then attach the finished restoration with a powerful bonding agent. With proper care and attention, your new restoration can last for years to come!

Keeping Them Strong

To keep your results bright and to protect the tooth we’ve attached it to, you should continue to brush and floss daily to control plaque buildup by removing stray food and drink particles. Try to cut back on sugar and starch in your diet too. We recommend a visit every six months too, so we can examine your smile and monitor your restoration. We also clean the teeth, removing the plaque and tartar linked to issues that could compromise your restoration, such as tooth decay, infection, or gum disease.

If you have any questions about how we preserve and protect your smile with a custom dental crown, or if you have a damaged or aching tooth that needs attention, then contact our team today to learn more.

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