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The 4 Things a Dental Implant Can Fix

A dental implant is a fantastic consideration and option for restoring your smile. But, you might not realize exactly who dental implants are for and what they’re capable of fixing. Implants can last for decades, so they’re perfect as a long-term solution. So, if something is missing in your smile, implants might be able to fix it.

1. A Single Missing ToothPhoto by <a href="">Zoran Borojevic</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

While you could get a bridge, you’d also need to get crowns on the surrounding teeth. Alternatively, a dental implant is implanted into the bone to serve as a root. A fake tooth that looks like the surrounding teeth is attached to this new root. The other teeth aren’t disturbed, and suddenly, no one can tell you have a missing tooth.

2. Replace Multiple Adjacent Teeth

Avoiding smiling might seem like a great way to mask several missing teeth in a row, but you deserve to smile. Plus, your jaw can weaken over time, and your remaining teeth may start shifting into gaps. 

Luckily, dental implants can work like a bridge as well. First, implants are generally placed on either end of the gap. Then, a bridge made of multiple cosmetic, false teeth is attached to the implants. This gives you a new set of teeth that look and function just like your other teeth.

3. A Full Mouth Dental Implant

If you have severe decay, an illness, or a trauma that’s caused or is causing most or all of your teeth to fall out, implants can be a great solution. Unlike dentures that can slip out, dental implants stay in place. Similarly with replacing adjacent teeth, multiple implants are implanted to hold in your new set of teeth. 

While these teeth look similar to dentures, once they’re attached to the implants, they aren’t removable. Plus, implants are the best option for preventing jawbone atrophy (weakening of the jawbone). So you can achieve a great smile without worrying about dentures falling out while eating or laughing.

4. Confidence

Outside of fixing or restoring missing teeth, implants help fix your confidence. Simply standing up straight and smiling without hesitation instantly makes you feel and look more confident. Don’t let missing teeth take away your confidence. An implant transforms your smile into one you’re proud to show off wherever you go.

Ready to fix your missing teeth? See what’s involved in our dental implant placement process.

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