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The Right Path To A Whiter Smile

woman with bright smile cosmetic dentistry conceptAnyone who wants to show off a whiter smile can see results from using one of the many teeth whitening products available at their nearest grocery store…right? There are several reasons why this strategy can end in disappointment. One is that you may simply need something stronger than the whitening agents that are commercially available to produce the results that you desire. Another is that you may need to worry about more than just external enamel stains that you have picked up if you want to see the right improvements. Our Avon, OH dental practice is ready to help you enjoy real changes to your smile. With the right approach to cosmetic treatment, we can give you a stunning white smile that you are eager to share with the world!

Understanding The Causes Of Dental Discoloration

While many people are affected by discoloration from external stains caused by foods and drinks, there are other reasons why teeth start to look less white. Intrinsic discoloration refers to problems within the tooth structure that make your smile appear dull. For example, enamel erosion can become a problem because the darker dentin material beneath can more influence on your appearance. Changes can also occur because of physical trauma or certain medications that you have taken.

We Can Provide A Personalized Recommendation For Making Your Smile Whiter

A careful study of your smile by your dentist can lead to welcome feedback about your appearance and the treatment approach that is right for you. For many people, an in-office teeth whitening procedure will be effective. Through this service, we can fight the effects of accumulated stains in just under an hour. The bleaching agents we use are stimulated with a special light that can yield exciting results in a short time. We also provide the option to use a take-home teeth whitening kit and enjoy professional results at your convenience.

For patients who have issues within the tooth structure that make their smile appear dull, and for those who want to deal with more than just discoloration, we can also recommend treatment with dental veneers. These thin and durable shells cover the front surfaces of teeth. In doing so, they hide blemishes, wear and tear, and misalignment, and they can also make constructive changes to tooth shape and size.

Talk To Your Avon, OH Dental Office About Making Your Smile Whiter!

With the right treatment solution, a procedure to make your smile whiter can produce advanced results! We are happy to help you with this and other cosmetic flaws that rob you of confidence. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please call Avon Dental Care in Avon, OH today at 440-937-2273.

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